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A&V Technology Inc. has become a rising star in supplying waterjet cutting machines across North America and European countries. Through extensive research and development, partnering with APW, DTI, Hypertherm Inc., Maxpro Technologies, Rexroth and IWP, A&V Waterjet cutting machines have been used in processing metal, steel, titanium, marble, stone, granite, glass, ceramic, plastic and composite materials. A&V products have also become popular globally due to its established reputation in quality, service, and unbeatable cost.

  • Products

    Our awesome machines include intensifier pumps, cutting tables, CNC Control and Accessories plus parts and consumables. We are the partner in your long term business

  • Trade Shows

    A&V Waterjet Technology Inc. will be in two coming trade shows including IMTS 2012(Sept. 10th to Sept. 15th, 2012, Chicago, IL) and Fabtech 2012(Nov. 12th to Nov 14th, 2012, Las Vegas, Neveda).

  • News

    A&V Waterjet is running a huge promotion on the stock machines at Germantown, Milwaukee, USA. Please call (262) 250-8100 or email to for detail information.

  • Training

    A&V Waterjet is easy to operate. It takes a week on average to complete onsite training. A&V Technology Inc. also provides corporate and individual training according to your needs and budgets.

  Why A&V Waterjet System?

    A&V Waterjet Technology Inc. delivers competitive pricing on
waterjet cutting machines, instant delivery for standard models,
quick turnover between 40 to 60 days for customized machines,
24x7 technical support, and quick delivery of competitive
and quality parts.

Technical Support

    24 x 7 phone support plus onsite services for a reasonable price.

Parts & Consumables

    A&V has all parts in stock & ready to ship. For emergency parts, we can ship overnight. For normal delivery,
it takes around 1 week. We also provide and deliver garnet, rubbies, IDE heads, and high quality noozles for reasonable prices.

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